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China Cracks Down on Game Livestreaming, Banning the Livestr

文章来源:admin    时间:2022-05-25

  html模版China Cracks Down on Game Livestreaming, Banning the Livestreaming of Unauthorized Game Content

Image Source: Visual China

BEIJING, April 15 (TMTPOST) — The National Radio and Television Administration of China and the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China have issued a notice on enhancing regulation toward online game livestreaming content, cracking down on the game livestreaming sector.

It is mentioned in the notice that content on unauthorized online games and livestreaming of overseas game shows and competitions are prohibited. The two government bodies also highlight that game livestreaming platforms should set up an addiction prevention mechanism for minors. In addition, it is strictly forbidden for livestream platforms to provide opportunities for problematic users to appear on livestreaming shows.

The notice outlines strict requirements for game livestreaming. Online broadcasting such as livestreaming and short video content cannot involve content from online games that have not received authorization from relevant authorities. It is also prohibited for platforms to attract Internet traffic to unauthorized game content through livestreaming,凯发娱乐网止. This means that online games without a game registration number will not be able to appear on livestreaming shows.

In addition, the two government agencies stress that stronger management of livestreaming content should be established to oversee the display of content, user interaction and promotion on livestreaming platforms.

Livestreaming of overseas game shows and competitions without the approval of relevant authorities is also prohibited.

In fact, there are already a series of standards for game livestreaming in China. Livestreaming of violent and sexual content is prohibited. In addition, livestreaming of online games without a game registration number is also not allowed.

Livestreaming platforms are also cracking down on game livestreaming. In January this year, video site Bilibili announced a list of 60 games that are no longer allowed to be livestreamed on its platform. The blacklisted game titles include popular blockbusters such as The Witcher 3 and Grand Theft Auto series.

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